Who Is Elijah | MUSE | 50ML


who is elijah Muse is an irresistible fragrance inspired by summer romance and passion that burns bright but fast. Wearable by any gender, this scent evokes the warmth of summer sun and the freshness of the ocean breeze.

This scent opens with a warm solar note, sensual and slightly tropical. Heart notes of jasmine absolute and florals are intoxicating and magnetic, while ambergris, ambroxan, woods and musk come together for a creamy, animalic base that lingers on the skin.

What are the notes in who is elijah Muse Eau de Parfum?

  • Head: Solar.
  • Heart: Warm Floral. Jasmine Absolute.
  • Base: Ambergris. Ambroxan. Musk. Dry-Woody Amber. Agarwood. Moss.

Wear Muse when you want to feel sexy but subtle.

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