Rustle Up | One-paragraph Recipes For Flavour Without Fuss


Over 80 one-paragraph recipes for fuss-free flavour any day of the week

We've all experienced that moment when you open the fridge and need inspiration to rustle up something a bit different from the usual repertoire, without too much faff and a trip to the supermarket.

Rustle Up is a collection of tried-and-tested micro recipes, kept short and sweet at just one paragraph each. Using simple ingredients, store-cupboard staples and basic equipment, these dishes promise good food, whether you're cooking solo in a tiny kitchen, making meals with mates or impressing at a family gathering. Packed with tips and recipe variations, there is inspiration galore and all the answers to rustling up a storm for any occasion.

Chapters include:
Rise and Shine: Best breakfast and brunch dishes, eg a simple, locally-inspired twist on shakshuka that anyone can rustle up.
On the Hop: Lunch should never be overlooked, whether you're using leftovers or cooking from scratch. From nourishing soups to no-cook mezze, these recipes fit the lunchtime bill perfectly.
Around the Table: Shared meals around the kitchen table with family and friends. More laid-back assemblies than dinner parties, the dishes are comforting, life-affirming meals that need no special equipment or expert knowledge.
Always Salad: Our favourite salads, from quick-pickles to add crunch and zing to a summery smooshed tomato salad and a warm coconut salad that's ideal for rebooting the senses.
The Golden Hour: Whether it's the warm summer sunshine or a cosy autumnal evening, here are 3-ingredient cocktails and some moreish snacks to excite and inspire.
Something Sweet: Simple desserts, sweet treats, #onebitepuddings and easy #weekdaybakes including plenty of gluten-free and nourishing low-sugar option.

Recipes so easy they've been memorised, like tiny culinary poems, by their passers-on. Recipes, in other words, you'll want to eat on repeat.

About the Authors

Rhiannon Batten is an established food writer who focuses on travel. Beginning her career at the Independent and currently a regular contributor to the Guardian, she edited Olive's award-winning food-centred travel pages for almost a decade. An enthusiastic home cook, she is also the mother of two (hungry) boys; rustling up delicious nutritious meals is second nature.

Laura Rowe is a food journalist and the editor of Olive magazine. She is the author of internationally acclaimed Taste: The Infographic Book of Food (Aurum 2015), translated into 10 languages. She is also an active member of the food and drink social media community.


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