Forest Friends Stacking Animals



The Stacking Animals from Tooky Toy is an exciting and educational toy that promotes imaginative play and enhances fine motor skills. With lacing blocks, wood planks, and animal blocks, children can make animals climb up and stack them on top of rainbow blocks and sticks to keep them balanced and prevent them from falling off. This toy encourages children to use their visual and hands-on abilities, promoting their development in these areas.

The Stacking Animals set includes 5 wood planks, 1 wood stick, 6 lacing blocks, 11 animal blocks, 1 cloud, 3 rainbow blocks, 1 cloth bag, and an instruction manual.
This allows for endless possibilities of animal stacking and imaginative play.

Age: 3 Years +
Brand: Tooky Toy
Materials: Juniper Wood, MDF
child safe, non toxic paint.

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