Fishing Game



Test your patience and fine motor skills with the Magnetic Fishing Game set from Calm & Breezy by Kaper kidz. This 2 player game has all the pieces needed to test your skills and patience as you take turns fishing for underwater creatures. In this game, its a race to be the first player to successful catch and land as many sea creatures until all the animals are gone from the felt board pond. Each person must try and catch the sea animals with the magnetic fishing rod only, picking up by hand is a no-no. You race to collect as many of the 12 sea creatures and the person who has the most at the end is the winner. If you both collect the same amount, then you've drawn your round. This faced-paced game only takes minutes to play and can be played over and over again. It also compacts up into a neat cardboard box, easy to store or great as a travel game for long journeys. Magnetic Fishing Game with Natural timber fish painted with child safe, non-toxic paint and complete with navy blue felt pond.


Fishing pond size approx. 24cm diametre.

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